By Popular demand, exclusive to CNC Automation and Royce/Ayr in partnership with ETP, G2T Hydro Grip holders for all ISO30 spindle equipped Thermwoods are now available.  These Hydro-Grip holder are easy to use making tool changes quick. They provide ultimate precision over the conventional collet type holders by minimizing tool run out,  eliminating most of the  tool vibrations and defections that affect the quality of the cut and tool life.

Hydrogrip Deluxe Kit


For ISO30 Spindles


- 1x 1/2" Hydro-Grip G2T Holder
- 1x 3/4" Hydro-Grip G2T Holder
- 1x 3/8" Reduction Sleeve
- 1x 1/4" Reduction Sleeve
- 1x Custom Storage Case.